Wednesday, April 19, 2017

There's so much going on, and I almost don't care about my classes anymore. I just want to be done. These are the last two weeks and with finals it's a bad time to not care!  I don't want to lose all the work I've put into the classes, but Pat doesn't have time to tutor me anymore, and we're feeling a lot of stress. Even though we feel fine, we can tell this new calling is taking it's toll because we stay up late and wake up way too early each morning unable to turn off our brains. There's just so much to think about. I don't know most of what he's thinking about, but I'm thinking about how to support him.
A bishop should look like a bishop, so I went through this guys closet and threw out all the white shirts that had turned yellow/grey and also threw out all his ugly stained ties.  We took him shopping to get new shoes, LOTS of new white shirts, and a couple new ties.  Then we got his 2 suits dry cleaned (not that that worked- they did a bad job and I got my money back).

Then he bought a phone.  For the first time, he has his own cell phone.  We knew there would be confidential things and other leaders with whom he'd need to communicate.  All of this cost around $400 dollars.  I teased that he should submit his receipts for a refund.  Then, yesterday we got a completely random check in the mail for almost $400 from refinancing our house a while back.  We weren't expecting it at all, and are so grateful for that timely blessing!

Speaking of house, we've had a builder and drafter come out and try to help us add on to our house.  We really want to do foster care, but are already very full here.  Howard McCall gave us the best price he could, I'm sure of it, but it was still too much money.  About $70, 000 for an additional bathroom and two bedrooms.  Now I feel kind of trapped.  We didn't feel it right to go into that much debt to have the ability to foster/adopt, but my heart also hurts to not be able to do it.

My wonderful sister Stephanie and brother T really helped us out this Easter.  We've been so busy that Easter baskets haven't been a priority.  She, however, sent us a care package from their trip to Hawaii, FULL of neat things for the kids.  I asked her if I could save it to use for Easter baskets and she said yes.  It saved us!  All we had to do was add some candy and the baskets were done!  They wanted to wear their new stuff to school and church they loved it so much!  We finally watched the Moana movie to go with it!

It was a wonderful Sacrament meeting today at church.  I got roped into singing last minute with the choir, but it was a song I knew, so it worked out okay.  But all the rest of the program and speakers were wonderful, and the BEST part of all was when the primary children sang Gethsemane.  There are no words for how beautiful and impactful it was.  I have written about that song before, so that's all I'll say about that.  Sister M, the music leader asked if we would help arrange the kids up on the stand, and I said yes! because I wanted to sit unseen behind them and sing.  Theresa then teased me about being the only adult standing in the back singing.  I love her for making that hilarious picture in my head. 

Pat's new counselors spoke today and they're both great.  One said, while giving his background story, that after his mission, his wife was "lucky enough to land me, the perfect trophy husband".  (That might come off bad if some did it, but from him it's hilarious).  Her reaction was so cute too.  They both love their wives and they really brought the spirit.

We are so thankful for our good friends here.  We were able to have a new family, the M's over for dinner and games.  We played an easy card game Wacky 6.  It was nice to get to know them (we love them!) before the bishop thing.  The stake presidency counseled us that some would see us differently and I'm kind of sad/scared about that.  Will people not want to talk to me as much?  Already I scrutinize what I wear when I go out a bit more and how I behave.

We had such a fun game night at the Tuck's house.  The Treys, Sheps, and Hass were there and everyone is so funny to me; the last time we were discussing days to get together, Pat said, "We're having an introvert party, and your all NOT invited".  That really made me laugh.  We are so sad the S's are leaving.  They know everything, and know how to do everything, and do it with the Spirit and pure hearts.  We wish them well in D.C.

Last, I'm thankful for these great kids.  When Pat was called, they immediately lost their two family vacations this year because of it.  So it's their Spring break and instead of being on the beach in California like we'd promised, they're sitting around the house.  I had to ask Dal to watch them while I went to my class.  They all got in swim clothes and made mud, and had a blast squishing in it.  I came home and found them like this.

Oh, and at our last family night, we played kickball, and Pat and I were dying laughing (on the inside) at how uncoordinated our girl is.  She's like Bella or the girl in Princess Diaries who throws the baseball right into the P.E. teachers head standing next to her.  Pat and I are both pretty good at sports, so I am floored that someone could be so uncoordinated.  Charlie can run circles around her.  When we found out she would be tall, I thought I'd steer her toward volleyball or basketball.  But perhaps I should steer her toward track, martial arts, or dance.  Or knitting.  She hopefully can't hurt herself knitting.  Man... she has overcome a lot of difficulties she was born with though, so maybe she'll get better.  Who knows!

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