Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last day of the kids school tomorrow.  Final Countdown is our song in the car each morning.

Need gifts for the teachers, but since we have four kids, that's a LOT of teachers.  Hmmm....

Charlie becoming more outgoing and playing with friends at workout in the mornings, now that the year is over.  To be fair to him, I totally quit working out when I was overwhelmed with school, so he didn't get as much chances as he should have to play.

I heard a lot of screaming (Ahhh!) in the bedroom one day and it was because Charles was reading Dallas's name and pronouncing all the A's with a loud and long Aaahhh!!!

Charlie yelled at Dallas one day, "You're messing up my focus!", because Dal was bugging him.

We still set a timer for Charlie to remember to go to the bathroom, but when it goes off he tells me it's Mama's timer and I have to go potty.

I'm trying to make it through May and June.  So many camps and lessons to plan.  And then there's trek.  I need an entire week to just think and plan and I've been waiting for it ever since my school ended at the end of April, and still haven't had it.  Everyday there is something already claiming my time.  I accomplish a tremendous amount, but need peace and solitude.

Yesterday I thought I'd have a day to myself to plan my lesson on Sunday and think about things, but I got a flat tire and had to change it at the school and then spend the whole day down in Albuquerque getting new tires since they were apparently in bad shape.

I got some help changing the tire from a dad who saw my predicament.  I've run into this dad in other places- school dance for example where our kids were the only ones dancing like no one was watching; for hours. I've felt like he is a kindred spirit, and found out later he has a daughter in my daughter's class.  In talking to him, I found out we have a lot of the same interests.  He is in a band and has a food truck.  I wanna be in a band and have a food truck so right there I could have talked to him for days.  Although my band would look like the Wiggles and he's in a pretty popular band from New Jersey that tours the world and probably isn't for kids.  He didn't volunteer it's name, and I didn't ask because I knew I'd either not know them, or they'd be so famous that then I'd act weird around him.  Anyway, I feel like I was supposed to meet him, but not sure why.  Maybe it's the musical future I hope to have.  Maybe a food truck future.  Maybe I'll never speak to him again!  Who knows. But I told him, some 4th of July, when I get our band up and running, we're going to play in the parade down the street and we'll need him to be our drummer.  Also, Charlie REALLY wants to be a drummer, so maybe he'll teach lessons someday.  It'll be interesting to see what happens...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sammy got some really bad ear infections and had some bad days.  My poor baby!  Everyone's been getting sick lately!!!  I hate that when it's Spring and nice weather!!!

Although we have been getting some strange weather here too.  Biggest marble-sized hailstorm ever a couple days ago.  Turned the ground white!

Stormy days.

We had a visit from Grandma, which I'll say more about later, while Pat and I had to go away for the weekend for bishop training.  It was the best visit ever, and she helped so much getting these guys to school and such.  It was so good to focus and not have to worry about the kids.  She's amazingly better than the last visit we had at her house were she was so very ill.  She got to hear the kids music, watch them play, and she even played piano for our primary since we were missing our pianist.  She was so helpful, and it was a really fun visit!  Happy Mother's Day!!!  Now if getting her here wasn't a whole day of flying and $500 dollars!

Leia has a cookbook with old recipes from the 1700's.  She really wanted to make Flummery which is something like making jam and it was served it in a pretty cup at fancy dinners.  A real treat back then.  I'll bet! 

I make the best donuts in case you didn't know. Usually I just do cinnamon-sugar, but made chocolate frosted this time which was delicious!!! They were the family night treat requested by Dallas and oh so tempting hot out of the pan.

The last gasp of winter ended up being our best snow this year!  It's weird how each winter is different and you just never know.  So the kids got to finally build snowmen, sled, and put on bathing suits for a snowball fight.  Wait, what!???

Adding sweetened condensed milk to snow.  Stir and eat!  A delicious slushy recipe we got from The Duggars TV show years ago.

Pat has a yearly take-your-kids-to-work day.  He has never deemed his kids worthy of attending before.  But this was the year!!!  The kids all LOVED it and talked and talked about all the neat things they saw.  I will never see these things until they have a take-your-wife-to-work-day.

At our town's Easter egg hunt.
Charlie hunting eggs at home.

I love seeing how much fun the boys have on the swings.  Here they have hooked themselves together and are swinging as one.  They are so funny to watch!

Playing dress-up with our neighbor!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Hair Dye

I have to say that although I don't dye my hair that often, usually just highlights, I felt like a change recently.  I cut my hair badly and it really darkened it when the light ends were gone.  So I did these two colors.  I really liked them!

I dyed my whole head with this dark red color.  I normally don't like red, but this color was really close to my natural color of really dark brown (almost black).  I left that on for a few days...

Then I had Pat throw in some highlights using this.  Ha ha. Neither one of us has ever done highlights, and I wished I could stand above myself and do it, but I obviously can't.  So I saw a method online of just combing in the color (no caps or foils), and that's basically what he did!  He didn't even complain much!  J/k.  He didn't mind.  So I did a few strands with my fingers around my face, and he did too, and then he combed the back in.  We messed up a little bit, but it's mostly unnoticeable.  Left it in about 25 minutes.

Whenever I go lighter it turns my hair orangy-red and the highlights did make it too orangy-red at first, but here's how I fixed it.  I mixed some GREEN FOOD COLORING in with my shampoo in a cup (about 3 drops per Tbsp), and after 3 shampoos (leaving it on 1 minute each time), it was a good color.  Now I love it!

This whole thing sounds crazy, I admit.  But I like it better than any other dye job I've ever had AND it cost $12 total instead of A LOT more.  Win Win!