Monday, May 1, 2017

Hair Dye

I have to say that although I don't dye my hair that often, usually just highlights, I felt like a change recently.  I cut my hair badly and it really darkened it when the light ends were gone.  So I did these two colors.  I really liked them!

I dyed my whole head with this dark red color.  I normally don't like red, but this color was really close to my natural color of really dark brown (almost black).  I left that on for a few days...

Then I had Pat throw in some highlights using this.  Ha ha. Neither one of us has ever done highlights, and I wished I could stand above myself and do it, but I obviously can't.  So I saw a method online of just combing in the color (no caps or foils), and that's basically what he did!  He didn't even complain much!  J/k.  He didn't mind.  So I did a few strands with my fingers around my face, and he did too, and then he combed the back in.  We messed up a little bit, but it's mostly unnoticeable.  Left it in about 25 minutes.

Whenever I go lighter it turns my hair orangy-red and the highlights did make it too orangy-red at first, but here's how I fixed it.  I mixed some GREEN FOOD COLORING in with my shampoo in a cup (about 3 drops per Tbsp), and after 3 shampoos (leaving it on 1 minute each time), it was a good color.  Now I love it!

This whole thing sounds crazy, I admit.  But I like it better than any other dye job I've ever had AND it cost $12 total instead of A LOT more.  Win Win!

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Christy said...

That hair job is FANTASTIC!!!! It worked great and looks beautiful! Excellent job Pat!! :)