Monday, June 12, 2017

College report

This is a couple months late but I cannot believe it!!!  I got straight A's this semester.  I usually try to get A's, but this was an unspeakably busy semester and I took not one, but three classes: Statistics, Biology, and Biology Lab (which should have been 3 credits- it was very hard).  All (ALL) the students complained that we got the hardest teacher compared to their peers and what the class should have been.  They hated her and said she thought she was at Harvard... I didn't know one way or another since it was my first lab class, but I did notice that her weekly quizzes were ten times harder than the mid-term and final which were written by other professors.  Ton's of dosage calculations, and scientific notation- changes between units.  I felt so sad for all who dropped out.

My final in Stats was thick- about 15 pages.  I got through only half and then got confused and couldn't do the last half.  I was hoping just for a C to pass the class, but my grade was high enough before, that by some miracle even though I didn't do great on the final, I still got an A in the class. What a relief!  Especially since after the test I told Pat where I got confused and he reminded me what part of my notes to follow and I was so upset because I knew it!!!   Thank heavens they let you take some notes in or I would have been toast.  But really with Stats it's a ton of formulas and methods so you HAVE to have notes.

Stats is sooo hard.  The best thing about finishing is that I am done with math forever!!! (Except what I get in Chemistry).
 My Biology notebook was more than an inch of pages jam-packed like these.  I've decided that Biology is just memorizing 20 new weird words a day like 'Golgi body' and what it means, so then when you have your final you have to have those hundreds of words with their definitions and meanings ready.

The remaining pictures are of my Bio Lab class.  It might seem weird to post this, but it is the place I don't lose things and I'll need this in the future.

 I only wish Pat could have gotten my tuition or credit for the classes too or both!  He taught me way more than the teachers ever did.  Especially the online classes.  Now I am on a break for an unknown amount of time.  I wanted to continue, at least one class at a time, but it really does require sooo much and I don't want to over book Pat with all he has to do as Bishop or myself with being a bishops wife and all I have this summer.  I know that this time is holy, and I want to be present, calm, and available to ward members and to my kids who already have way less of a dad now than before.  I don't want to have multiple focuses such that I can't do a good job at anything.  What to do...

I wish my brother Jeremy could come live in a pad next to our house with his girls and our kids could play all day and we could study together.  Pat was helping another sister in our ward and we spent several nights with the three of us at the table- him tutoring both of us.  He is the best.  I can throw out all my attitude about how ridiculous it all is and make jokes when I get really frustrated, and he is patient and helps me understand regardless.  He is amazing to me.  I just don't understand how his brain understands things so well!  He always tells me I'm really smart, but I just don't get things like he does.

As I was doing my last homework assignment, I was so upset and frustrated spending the whole day sitting there doing a stats assignment that would never end that at one point I got up to stretch and totally passed out!  He saw me fall, and I said, "I'm blacking out!", but he couldn't get to me in time.  When I woke up I was completely fine but cried a lot because it was so scary.  That's the first time I've ever passed out not from a miscarriage.  I guess I had been sitting too long and the blood pools in your legs and then I stretched too big. I hate how much being in school makes you sit on your butt.  Days later I had bruises all over my body and I was like, "Why didn't you tell me I hit the door and the bookshelf on the way down?"  Thankfully the Lord protected me from anything worse than bruises.  So crazy.

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