Sunday, June 18, 2017

Evan's Eleven!

Immediately when we got home from trek we made Evan's birthday dinner and celebrated!  We had to do it before Dallas collapsed in bed.  Pat is always gone all Sunday, and four of us had to teach lessons on Sunday and prepare for that.  No rest for the weary!  So we had a quick party for our dearest Evan.
We're kind of counting our trip to Disneyland for Evan's birthday.  His parents only got him a book.  His brothers got him the neatest, most thoughtful gifts.  Sam got a couple of lego things he knew Evan love, and Dallas got him a tool box filled with tools since he knows Evan loves to build!  Leia made him a nice card telling him how much she loved him and "appreciated his creativity".  That girl and her big words!  She cracks me up.  She also got up early on his birthday and decorated by taping the streamers down on the table as you see below.  So sweet!  Evan made a laptop out of cardboard that was really cool with a mouse and everything.  Then somehow Charles ended up giving it to Evan as his present.  Ha ha.

I think Evan is super wonderful!  He's dreamy-handsome which I know doesn't mean much coming from his own mother ;)  He did super well in school and with his music this last year and is a good friend to everyone in the family.  (He's also great at doing dishes!)  He's glad he has more friends at swim/water polo this summer.
We are always so busy in June and Evan's birthday is hard to do and he was feeling sad since there were no cards in the mail and since we couldn't do anything for his birthday until the family was home from trek and together again.  But we got pizza one night, and made his favorite rice and gravy another night.  He only wanted mint chip ice-cream and whip cream for his dessert.  I told him his Grandma Stanger, Aunt Steph, and Uncle Jeremy would approve! 

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