Sunday, June 4, 2017

LA trip and Disneyland surprise!

Pat had a work trip to LA, and since our other trips this year had to be canceled because of church duties, we decided to hijack his trip and come along.

So for two and a half days we cleaned and packed and then on Sunday, I finished up teaching sharing time, Pat finished up all his bishoping, and then we took off.  Two days of driving (with an overnight in Flagstaff) and we were there.  We went right to Manhattan Beach.  It was Memorial Day and pretty busy, but overcast, so not as busy as it could be since it was a bit cold.  These pictures are from the beach on Tuesday when it wasn't busy at all.

Quote from Leia: "I don't know what's happening to the earth!  Another storm's blowing in.  It looks like were going to be just like Laura and have a long winter."  (She's always so dramatic).

Oh, and we started calling Charlie his Spanish name: Carlos.  He really likes it and wants us to keep calling him that.  His biggest quote from the trip is: "Mommy foreva!!!"  (Since he loves me the best and anytime someone was bugging him- including his dad- he would say that and run back to me).

Pat's quote: "The weather is niiice.  I 'ope it continues." (in the Inspector Clouseau voice from the Pink Panther).

Actually Carlos' other big quote from the trip was, "I hafta go potty!"

I wonder if the day will ever come that we can travel without having potty stops and accidents left and right.  My two youngest kids are trying all my patience.  We had to stop a couple times for Leia to pee and poop on the side of the road.  I taught her to squat like they do in some countries and luckily we had wipes.  But Charlie was seriously every ten minutes!  Sometimes less!  And he always had wet pants anyway!!!  Something is wrong with him.  I've got to get him to a doctor.  But he went to Walter's house the other day and didn't have a single accident for over two hours!  What's up with that?!  They both ruined so many clothes on the way to LA we had to do a whole load at the hotel.  The both of them only realize they have to go when they are already peeing.

Anyway, we went to the ocean, and discovered that Dallas is allergic to it.  Microscopic organisms burrow into your skin and it doesn't bother most people but Dallas gets a rash in the swimsuit area.  So when we got back to the hotel he jumped in the hot tub and his rash immediately started to go away- because the organisms were being killed by the heat and the chemicals.  Then he was fine.  Poor guy though.  He was way out swimming and learning to ride the waves and loving it, but the whole time getting more and more uncomfortable with the rash.

"This shower curtain is disturbing me!"- Leia in regards to the hotel showers.

I probably gained 10 lbs eating travel food.  The last trip we took I packed my food, but I seriously have NO TIME lately.  Just survivin'.

The next day we went to the beach again and again it was overcast and a bit cold.  The kids got in the water and had fun, but Charlie and I remained fully clothed and built sand castles.  Then Pat had to go to work so we went back to the hotel and swam and watched tv.  It was getting to be a depressing vacation with him gone and too cold to really enjoy the water.  Plus it was that time of the month for me, just like last year, so I couldn't get in the water at all.  So depressing!  And not at all relaxing for me as I was alone watching the kids to make sure the littler ones didn't drown.  Stressful!

So I up and decided WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!  And we did!

Charlie let out a shout of glee!  I don't even know what he thought it was!  It'd been over 10 years since we'd been last.  Pat had to work, but joined us in the late afternoon, taking an Uber to get there. As we walked in, we all held hands.  Even my big boys!  It was a great day to go since it was so overcast.  We didn't sweat or need sunscreen!  It did get really busy though by about 10am and we had to get those fast passes to ride a lot of things because the lines were forever long.

You can bet I put Charlie in diapers this day!  No way was I going to lose our place in line finding a bathroom every 10 minutes!  Sadly, Charlie was too short for some of the rides he wanted to go on, so we had to switch, or I had to miss out to sit with him.  Story of a mom.  My and Leia's favorite ride was Star Tours.  It felt so real and I got the best one out of them all says Dallas.  There are several "tours" I guess.  Charlie's favorite ride was the red roller coaster in Toon Town.  D's favorite ride was Star Tours or Big Thunder Railroad.  S & E's favorite was Big Thunder Railroad, Star Tours, and Matterhorn.  We all (minus Charlie) like Pirates.  Space Mountain was closed sadly, and the train.  And we never could get on Splash Mountain.  We liked Peter Pan and Buzz and Indiana Jones and the Haunted House.  Nemo and cars are bleh.  We missed some small rides because the lines were so long.  We loved the Fireworks and the Main Street Electrical Parade.  Leia had a six-fold meltdown at one point and Charlie was deep asleep and missed everything after 8:30pm.  Nearly broke my back carrying him.  We left at 11:30 after the late parade since the earlier one was so packed we couldn't find a seat.

A funny: Charlie held up a green gummy bear and said, "Mom this looks like green poo(h)."  Then he stretched the gummy bear to make "strechy Pooh".

And no trip would be complete without an illness.  Evan brought a cold and spread it around.  Life with kids is exhausting.  I know I'll miss them someday, but for now I'd like to report that they are trouble!

We were worried about our cats at home, but they did just fine while we were gone and not one accident!  Best cats ever!  Now it's back to the grindstone.  Camps, Trek, life...  sigh....  I need a vacation from my vacation first!

Had lots of friends over last night for games and I just love them!

Charlie loved looking at trains on our long drive.  He'd count, "96, 97, 98, 99... 60!", and so forth.  New Mexico is so pretty.  We were so glad to be home.  I didn't take a single picture at Disneyland, so the ones here are from Dallas.  We already dropped him off at NYLT for the next 8 days.  We'll miss him.  He's on staff this year.

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