Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trek 2017

This is a happy Leia and Charles who got to go to the trek site near Cuba New Mexico and play in the river.  Pat and I were both up at trek for a day or two this week.  I sure love the adults who give so much of their time, for free, to help the youth have a good experience.  It is usually a hard, dirty, and uncomfortable experience, but they learn that they can do hard things and it makes an impact that we hope will help in their futures.  We none of us would be in the church or have the restored gospel if not for the pioneers sacrifice and we are grateful to them.  Here's a few pictures:

We love our son and are so glad he went and had a great time.  It wasn't easy.  Big hills up the sides of mountains, "mobs" that came and drove them out of their beds at 4am, river crossings, late meals, cow poop, and porta-potties...  and then wonderful rememberences of the pioneers, talks, activities like hatchet throwing, stool making, black powder, bow and arrow, shooting, pony express, women's pull, firesides and song!  An experience to remember!  The next time trek rolls around, Dallas will be too old, and Sam and Evan will be of age to go.  I can't believe it.

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