Friday, July 14, 2017

Karisa is writing this post.  While we wait for Pat to post about Scout Camp and other stuff... some photos I want to remember...

S and D in our pool

Scouts doing their thing

E's end of school year Civil War performance.  Sorry if I already posted it

Sleeping buddies
End of school year!

Leia's performance

Leia's cute letters and artwork.

She reads everywhere!
I think playing the violin has her disoriented.  Now she can't figure out how to hold a ukelele.
The boys leaving on the Father-Son's campout.  No girls allowed!
More Leia stuff
Leia's second to last reading list.  She was one of the top readers at the end of first grade.  Whenever a new list was released, she passed it off immediately and didn't need to practice at all because she reads so much already.
This was her final history test (backwards).  She got 100%.  I never had to help her.  She had a great teacher and learned everything so well on her own.

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