Sunday, August 6, 2017

I can't find my shoes so I'm just going to have to wear feet. -Charles

Charlie and Leia want to take baths constantly and tell me they're really dirty.  Charlie even knows to say his bottom hurts (cause that'll make a mother want to give you a bath) and tried to show me his cheeks- not the ones on his face!  I said, "You just got a bath and those are perfectly clean!"  Then he yells, "No they're not!!!"  They're so anxious to be dirty so they can bathe.  Leia says (to convince me she needs a bath) that sometimes poop goes out of her bottom.  No kidding!

This morning I got the kids ready for church (alone now since Pat's always gone) and when I was done with Charlie I said, "You look so nice!  You look sharp!"  Finally when I was done with the both of them I got me ready and came out to get in the car where they were all waiting for me and Charlie said, "Mom, you look really nice!  That's a beautiful shirt".

It was just so cute because he noticed and took the opportunity to pay me a compliment!  It made me so happy.  What made me happier is that I love the new blouse too and it only cost me 1.00 at the thrift store!!!  I got two nice new tops actually.  Score!

I got strep throat again on Friday and am getting over it, but sad that I had to do another round of antibiotics.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning to try to rid my house of strep since Leia and I have both had it twice now this summer.

Dallas had a dance on Friday.  I'm happy he had fun, I just wish they weren't an hour from our house in not-so-safe Albuquerque.

Then he Sam and Evan had and end-of-year swim party on Saturday.  They did great this year at swimming.  And by great, I mean that they showed up and swam each day all summer and really improved.  Nice strokes, beautiful flip-turns, etc.  We never went to any of the competitions and they don't care enough to earn medals or compete.  That's kind of weird since I can be competitive (back in my swimming days).  Not that I was ever any good.  But if they really wanted it, I think they could be really good!  Unfortunately they don't care that much.  I would insist that we compete next summer but the city is remodeling our pool in Albuquerque next summer and we'll have to go somewhere else if we want to stay together.  It's already 1/2 hour drive to that pool daily, so I don't know if I can handle going even farther next summer...

The coaches gave out paper plate awards to everyone.  The above was Dallas's and I think it's completely accurate.  Definitely free-minded.  I think he caused his coaches some vexation this year and also some laughs.  I saw him once on the block getting set to dive in (when he didn't know I was watching) and when the whistle blew he did a cannon ball instead.  He got wall-sits for that.

Another time I saw him swimming in his lane doing two regular strokes and then a summer-sault and then two regular strokes and so on...

He just can't conform!

I don't know how I feel about this.  In a way I'm glad.  He loves life and makes it fun.  But in another way I'm sad because he has a hard time being a part of things.  He's a bit eccentric and sometimes I think he's on the spectrum and that makes it hard for him to get along easily with people (talking is uncomfortable; he'd rather read a book) and since that makes him come off as unfriendly he gets passed over.  He's already started cross-country with the high school and I see the same stuff happening.  Won't it be interesting to see what God has planned for him!  Anyone who knows him knows he's wonderful, thoughtful and so caring and compassionate.  Whenever he has a free day this summer he has gone over to help our neighbor Warren with things like stacking wood, or called people in the ward and arranged to come work for them.  And he really likes to make people laugh.

He has a great sense of humor too.  For example, tonight he's playing piano for the Stake Seminary Fireside to kick off the new school year.  I told him if he messes up to have a sword ready to fall on 'cause we won't claim him anymore.  Without missing a beat, he said, "That's a good idea.  I'll put it on top of the piano as a grim reminder."

I love it!!  He's so funny. I love joking with my grown up kids.

All in all a great summer though.  And my favorite thing is talking to all the other moms there who are my friend and I got to do that a lot!!!  Yay for friends!

Dallas is the one on the far left.

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